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Hello there, I’m Mase! I am a special events, boudoir, portrait, and travel photographer based out of Nashville, North Carolina. I am also available to travel! While visiting my site I hope you will be inspired by my work as much as it inspires me. 


My passion for photography began at an early age when my parents bought me a Brownie camera. I was inspired by my father who always had a camera at every function when growing up. Then he gave me his Minolta autofocus 35mm while I was in college and the rest is history. After being asked by my co-worker to take photos at her wedding and seeing the look on her and her mother’s face after seeing them the first time...priceless! From that moment on I decided to become a professional. Being a part of that type of feeling as a result of my work has been my driving force every time I pick up a camera. 


Aside from photography, I am a North Carolina native living in Eastern NC. I love traveling and seeing new things and above all I love meeting new people. I’m a gadget person and love technology. 

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